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Volleyball environments are primarily broken down into three categories — indoor, outdoor and water (just for fun). Indoor volleyball is usually played in a gymnasium and takes place on a larger court with six players on each side. Outdoor volleyball, often to referred to as beach volleyball (the professional outdoor version), is played in doubles (two per team) on a smaller court (16m x 8m). Just think how difficult and tiring it is to quickly move in sand. Scoring is also different between indoor and outdoor volleyball. Indoor has five sets (25 points) while outdoor only has three sets (15 points).

The volleyball material and design are also quite different between the two games. Indoor volleyballs are molded and designed to be smooth and consistent with glued on outer panels. They are made of leather and heavier for faster movement and striking in the more team-oriented indoor game. Outdoor volleyballs on the other hand, are sewn together with composite materials so you can visibly see the threads that hold the panels together like the Tachikara volleyballs. This is to make outdoor volleyballs tougher and waterproof/water-resistant to withstand the elements better. They are also slightly larger, softer and lighter than indoor balls allowing them to float more in the air. This allows more experienced players to take advantage of the wind and weather. The colors of the balls are usually brighter as well so they are easier to see in sunlight.

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